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Whether you’re looking for an electrical design solution for industrial application or for construction, our ethos revolve around problem solving that enhances and empowers your business.

Industrious thinking

Power engineering solutions for industry

We’ve been providing high-powered design solutions for New Zealand industries for over a decade. We believe every client is unique, no two solutions or two businesses are the same. The one common denominator however, is to increase profit. If you are in an industry where power delivery is critical to the success of your business — talk to us about how you can achieve smarter, more efficient results. We can audit your existing systems and provide a plan to power your business forward. This experience ensures the right solution for your business — the nett result; increased efficiency, reduced human error and less wastage. That’s industrious thinking on a grand scale.

Constructive thinking

Electrical solutions for commercial construction

We offer full electrical design services for the construction sector — and — we do it all in-house. This means dealing with one entity who can take a solution from planning all the way through to installation. No sub-contractors, no third parties, no breakdowns in communication. We can work alongside architects, project managers or direct with the clients, taking and giving lead where required. We can design power solutions for projects being built on high-risk sites or being constructed for use by high-risk industries. If it can be done — we can do it. Our experience in industrial electrical engineering also allows us to go beyond the bricks and mortar by offering a total solution for both construction and industrial process. The end result — a live, working business in a powered-on space.

How the process works:



Whether you are looking for an industrial or construction focused electrical design solution — understanding the project and defining the scope is paramount in the ability for us to successfully deliver the right result. This happens through a process of talking — and more importantly listening.


Thinking & planning

Developing a solution that works and is right for the client requires a lot of thinking and problem solving. There is often many components and challenges that need to be overcome to reach the final solution. Implementing the solution then requires careful planning.


Building & implementation

Building and implementing an electrical design solution means doing what we say we’re going to do. It may require the input of a number of our expert specialists and technicians to see the project through to completion. Once complete there is a follow-up component to ensure everything is as it should be.

Initial consultation:

Thinking about an electrical design solution and how it can help your business? Talk to us about a no obligation initial consultation.