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Industrial installation powered-on scope.

At Millennium we understand that efficiency in industry equals profit. Make your business more efficient and you make more money — simple as that.

Powering growth

Industrial installation for growth

If you are in an industry where power delivery is critical to the success of your business — the capability and experience of your chosen electrical installer is vital. For over a decade we have been providing electrical installation services to New Zealand industrial businesses — both large and small. The range of installation projects we’ve completed over the years has been as varied in size and scope as they have been diverse in industrial application. The common denominator — increase profits. Make your business better.

Increased control

Putting you in the drivers seat

Implementing a control or an automation solution for manufacturing or processing will put you in better control of your business. The efficiency of our expert electrical install team will ensure continuity of your business throughout the project with as little disruption as possible. At Millennium we employ a wide ranging team of experts drawn from many different electrical disciplines — from tradespeople to programmers. This ensures we provide a total delivery solution for every project. As part of our professional work practices, we fully document and validate all our projects.

Industrial installation services:


Installation and set-up of:

  • All major brands of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • SCADA/HMI systems
  • Manufacturing and processing automation systems
  • Monitoring and control hardware and software



Installation and integration of:

  • SQL database systems


Development of console and interface environments using

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Microsoft Excel
  • C++



Installation of:

  • Industrial pneumatic systems
  • Hazardous or high-risk zones and industries


Install of electrical performance enhancement hardware including:

  • Variable Speed Drives (VSDs)
  • Servo Motor Drives (SMDs)

Installation of all major brands of Programmable Logic Controllers:

Applying the safety catch:

site-safe-greyWhen it comes to any electrical installation project — site safety and the well-being of both your staff and our people is paramount. Our expert team is regularly assessed and up skilled to ensure our work practices meet OSH requirements.